Everything you need to develop, secure and govern enterprise mobile apps
Verivo Akula not only simplifies the problematic issues of building, securing, and controlling mobile apps, but also features an appealing pricing model. — Venture Fizz
...But none offer anywhere near the degree of enterprise grade functionality and yet vendor independence and flexibility as Verivo has with Akula. — PandoDaily
...it is a platform that does not simply continue to build on yesterday's enterprise marketplace needs, but represents entirely new mobile development technology and strategy. — Mobility Techzone
Developers can choose between a number of different integrated development environments (IDEs), including Xcode, Eclipse and Dreamweaver. The platform is also compatible with PhoneGap and Accelerator. — Computerworld
Company reinvents its software to specifically target problems in creating enterprise-grade applications for devices. — Software Development Times
Verivo to Help Developers Make Mobile Apps Enterprise-Ready. — International Data Group
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A Look Inside a Mobile App Server

by Coco Jaenicke
on 12/18/2014

I recently wrote about how mobile infrastructure is essential to the successful development and deployment of enterprise mobile apps.  It is worth taking a moment to look inside the proverbial box and considering what functionality is included in a mobile app server. Mobile devices throw three new challenges into the mix: Battery and bandwidth limitations – the rate-limiting resources on… Read more »

Enterprise Mobile Apps: It’s All About the Infrastructure

by Coco Jaenicke
on 12/16/2014

Whenever there is a new hot technology, another “paradigm shift,” or a different delivery vehicle, there is a recurring pattern: development teams jump ahead and build whatever they can to meet demand, which is followed by an effort from IT to reign things in, and then followed by a standardized approach supported by infrastructure. This pattern has given us the… Read more »

Part III: Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps?

by Coco Jaenicke
on 12/3/2014

MOBILE APP SERVERS: THE NEW BLACK This is the third and final blog in the series on the optimal framework for enterprise mobile app development. The first two blogs discusses the pluses and minuses of traditional SOA platforms. In this blog we’ll explain why a mobile app server is essential to enterprise mobile app development. Because of the complications that… Read more »

Part II: Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps?

by Coco Jaenicke
on 11/14/2014

This is the second in our series of blogs comparing the frameworks for traditional and mobile app development. In our first blog, “Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps,” we examined some of the benefits of the SOA approach. In this blog, we’ll discuss the limits of an SOA framework for mobile app development. SOA is not enough because… Read more »

Part I: Is Your SOA Enough for Building Mobile Apps?

by Coco Jaenicke
on 11/10/2014

If you plan on building mobile apps, you probably want a pluggable framework that allows you to easily use and reuse mobile services. You can then effortlessly access back-end systems, rapidly assemble new apps, and easily update individual services. In this series of blogs, we’ll explore at the similarities and differences in the processes of building traditional and mobile enterprise… Read more »

Working Off-Line: New Forrester Report Tells All

by Joanne Dawson
on 10/7/2014

As enterprise mobile apps take off, the ability to have employees mobile-enabled even when connectivity is limited is rapidly becoming the new “must-have” feature.  Implementing off-line capabilities is not a simple task  as many development teams know. In Forrester Research’s recent report, The Offline Mobile Challenge“, the analysts clearly various approaches, and when you should use which.  I do not… Read more »

Part III: A Blueprint for Building Long-Lived Mobile Apps

by Coco Jaenicke
on 9/8/2014

In parts I & II of our blog series on “Moving Beyond 1.0,” we discussed why many mobile apps never see version 2.0 as well as the steps developers are taking to meet the challenge of building a long-lived mobile app. In our final installment we will complete our advice on how to do this. Use existing it management tools… Read more »

Part II: Moving Beyond Version 1.0

by Coco Jaenicke
on 9/2/2014

Mobile devices offer the ability to create direct connections with customers and empower a distributed workforce. With this opportunity has come a wave of mobile apps, as well as a competitive pressure to deploy those apps quickly. In the rush to get to market, the teams developing these apps are not planning for life beyond 1.0. However, a minimal amount… Read more »

Part I: Updating Mobile Apps Is Harder Than It Looks

by Coco Jaenicke
on 8/26/2014

Chris Marsh, a principal analyst for enterprise mobility at 451 Research, said, “Enterprises need an open and extensible platform that, rather than just sitting as another silo, can work with existing IT infrastructure and scale policy, security, and compliance across mobile assets.” Enterprise leadership should take this future-thinking approach when embarking on building and deploying mobile apps to position their… Read more »