Deploy Cross-Platform Mobile AppsMobilizing BYOD Apps for Business

Only Verivo Software provides a production-ready mobility platform for simultaneous, cross-device app deployment to BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Apps built using our mobility platform integrate with the native mobile app features of each device including touchscreens & gestures, camera, accelerometer, email, address book, browser, media players, Bluetooth & WiFi, mapping, GPS, location-based services and much more! There is no need to write code for individual mobile devices and no relying on specialized, device-specific skills.

How does Verivo’s mobility platform work?

Verivo’s unique, configuration-based mobility platform allows you to rapidly develop mobile apps from one central framework, automatically generate the native code for each form factor then deploy cross-platform mobile apps out to each supported device.

Design is done via a visual drag-and-drop development environment which enables the fastest time-to-market available. Changes are made centrally and automatically and deploy simultaneously, providing you with unmatched ability to rapidly address the constantly changing requirements of your employees, customers and device types.

Mobile technology is constantly evolving. Our platform keeps you ahead of the curve by managing device compatibility. We built compatibility into our platform. So when the latest devices and OS updates hit the market, you’re prepared. When a trackball changes to a touchscreen or the latest Android device is twice the screen resolution of the last, you can rest assured that Verivo’s platform can handle it!

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Cross-Device Support