Mobility for Financial Services

Verivo Software is the undisputed industry leader in mobility for Financial Services. With six of the top 15 “Fortune 500,” 28 of the top 50 global asset managers, 15 of the top 25 insurance carriers, and three of the top five U.S. banks as clients, Verivo’s is the trusted mobile app platform for financial enterprises. Our enterprise-grade security, data integration and real-time reporting meet the demanding needs of the financial services industry – rapidly and securely. Download the data sheet for more detail on our multi-level approach to mobile app security.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers users to:

  • Integrate directly with existing sales, CRM, claims and other core systems
  • Display critical business intelligence reports on accounts, pipelines and performance
  • Enable employees to stay on top of their lead generation, commission statements and opportunities
  • Log contacts, enter notes, and order literature on the go
  • File applications, start the claims process and submit approvals
  • Allow financial professionals to keep track of market and other data on a second-by-second basis

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