Mobility for GovernmentMobilize Government Workers

The public sector looks to mobile apps to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and provide information and services to the community. Verivo Software provides an enterprise mobility platform that empowers businesses to centrally build, deploy, manage and update mobile apps simultaneously across multiple devices – rapidly and securely.  Today’s government agencies are looking to their own programmers and in-house IT staff to create secure, cross-platform mobile apps for their mobility initiatives.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers users to:

  • Integrate with enterprise systems so that local, state and federal government employees have the information they need, when they need it
  • Deliver critical information to the public, such as product recalls, most-wanted criminals, embassy locations and other government information and services
  • Provide alerts for government emergencies, such as natural disasters or threats to public safety
  • Integrate government departments and improve collaboration
  • Increase bottom line efficiency and provide the productivity gains that taxpayers are looking for

Download our White Paper: Mobilizing the Government: Trends and Best Practices in the Public Sector

Visit the Verivo Software App Gallery for examples of government apps