Mobility for Health & Life Sciences

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers use mobility to stay connected. So are wholesalers and distributors, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare providers. In an increasingly competitive market, Verivo Software’s enterprise mobility platform creates much needed operational efficiencies that help health and life science enterprises remain productive, efficient, and competitive. From medical enterprises and mobile apps for hospitals to healthcare apps and mobile apps for patients, Verivo’s agile, cross-platform mobility software makes it easy to define and own your mobility.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers users to:

  • Securely integrate data from CRM, EMR and any other enterprise systems
  • Enable drug and medical device sales reps to track and manage accounts, pipelines and performance so they are on top of their lead generation, commission statements and opportunities
  • Provide hospitals and physician practices with the ability to:
    • Fill out patient charts and retrieve patient history
    • Manage patient scheduling
    • View, prescribe, renew, and update medications
    • Submit lab orders and view results
  • Allow consumers to monitor diet, health issues and access medical test resultsMobile Platform for Health and Life Sciences Applications

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