Mobility for ManufacturersMobility for Field Services

For manufacturers, accuracy, reporting and real-time management of the supply chain is crucial to the success and productivity of a company. From purchasing, operations and quality control to distribution management and installation services, the entire enterprise must be able to securely access real-time data and collaborate from multiple locations.

Verivo Software’s enterprise mobility platform helps manufacturers empower employees, streamline operations, reduce production costs, increase productivity, mobilize field service teams, improve communication throughout the supply chain and boost revenue.

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers users to:

  • Integrate directly with existing CRM, ERP, and any other enterprise systems
  • Access real-time data from any point in the supply chain
  • Provide manufacturing employees with tracking and inventory management tools
  • Enable field staff to gain access to accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Allow employees to complete on-site reporting and on-site service ordering

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