Verivo’s Enterprise Mobility Platform Embraces HTML5

HTML5Verivo Software’s enterprise mobility platform now includes Browser Control with HTML5 capabilities. Our drag-and-drop integrated development environment (IDE), AppStudio, empowers companies to rapidly create, update and manage mobile apps that integrate with back-end enterprise systems while allowing web developers to design mobile apps using the popular HTML5 standard. With the new HTML5 capabilities in Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform, businesses can utilize their existing web developers to build and deploy fully-customized hybrid mobile apps with unprecedented flexibility and speed.

What is HTML5?
HTML is the language of the web. As the newest version of the HTML standard, HTML5 has evolved from the need to produce a rich media experience on devices ranging from desktop PCs to today’s smartphones and tablets.

How does HTML5 work in Verivo’s platform?

Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform is the fastest and most cost-effective mobility platform on the market. Now developers can incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript into cross-device native and hybrid apps. Using the new HTML5 capabilities developers can include multi-media features that are common in today’s mobile devices, including video and interactive visual elements. Because HTML5 content and output are treated exactly the same as native components in Verivo’s AppStudio, web developers can immediately contribute to rapid enterprise mobile app development with HTML5 dynamic content alongside native components. There’s no need for device-specific coding or resubmitting updated code to the app marketplace.

Take a tour of our platform.

Watch this video to see how quickly and easily hybrid apps can be updated using Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform with browser control:

What are the benefits of HTML5 in mobile apps? Watch this video to see some of the highlights of HTML5 integration:

Watch this video to hear Marc Rosenbaum and mobile industry analyst Kevin Benedict discuss how HTML5 integrates with native apps to form hybrid apps: