Develop, secure and govern enterprise mobile apps.

Akula - Enterprise Mobile App Server

Rich, Secure, Mobile Services
Akula is a game-changing enterprise mobile app server. It radically simplifies the process of developing, securing and governing multiple, custom, enterprise mobile apps. Based on a 15-year track record of enterprise mobility success, Akula is the only fully open mobile application platform that enables IT departments to secure, manage and control mobile applications.
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Deploy On-Premise or in the Cloud
Akula’s open and extensible design allows customers to easily and rapidly develop, deploy and manage multiple mobile applications. Akula integrates seamlessly with enterprise infrastructure, extending SOA to mobile devices. This structure enables development teams to create a compelling user experience using the front-end tools and frameworks of their choice.
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Akula Features

The open and extensible platform consists of a J2EE-compliant server, client SDKs, a server SDK, and a GUI management console for
  • Comprehensive mobile security - Akula leverages existing security infrastructure and policies to extend authentication, authorization, data protection, and logging to mobile devices.
  • Enterprise Data integration - Data is retrieved, aggregated and presented in a mobile-friendly format, and synched with back-end systems so apps can be used off-line.
  • Proactive App Management - IT can monitor the state of all deployed apps centrally, and push actions to devices on-demand.
Check out the mobile app server video and learn how each of these components work, or read the Introduction to Akula for more technical information. Ready to get started? Visit our DevCenter.

NEW in Akula 2

Akula 2.x gives IT departments more control, visibility and governance into the enterprise mobile application development process with significant new features:

  • Client Actions: Akula uniquely supports a number of client actions including force logout, data wipe, and refresh app permissions, which can be generated from within the server-side API or the Akula management console. Also available to app developers is the ability to create custom client actions to perform any app-specific operation.
  • Push Notifications: A server-side API allows mobile app developers to quickly and easily add push notifications – including custom notifications – such as alerts, badges, and sounds, across all of their iOS and Android devices.
  • GUI Management Console: The Akula mobile app server now includes a web-based management console that replicates all of the functions of the Akula management REST APIs and allows full management of Akula apps at runtime.
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Develop - Secure - Govern

You build the apps using development tools of your choice and the Akula mobile app server will tackle the enterprise complexities of deploying and connecting to back-end systems of these mobile apps. Read more »

With Akula's integrated enterprise-grade security features, your corporate data will remain safe even when apps are being used offline or when an employee's device is lost or stolen. Read more »

The powerful capabilities of the Akula mobile app server will help you to manage, monitor and trouble shoot your enterprise mobile apps - quickly and easily. Read more »

What's your enterprise mobility challenge?

Building transactional apps that operate offline? Securing apps and corporate data?
Controlling and managing apps once they're deployed? Executing in a multi-device, multi-operating system environment?