So exactly what is Akula?

Verivo Akula is an enterprise mobile app platform. It’s designed to radically simplify the complexities of building, securing and controlling custom enterprise mobile apps.

Akula is unique: It’s the only platform to offer secure, offline transaction capabilities with centralized control and management. Its open design allows you to build enterprise apps using development tools of your choice. Akula can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud.

Akula fits within the mobile ecosystem: The platform’s architecture allows Akula to integrate easily into your existing corporate environment and is compatible with today’s mobile ecosystem, including front-end, testing and proprietary tools.

Akula offers built-in security. With its control and oversight functionalities, you can enforce the most stringent corporate policies – easily and quickly – giving you the peace of mind of knowing that corporate data is secure.

Akula is developed by enterprise mobility experts: We’ve been defining and transforming the enterprise mobility industry for more than a decade. Now we’ve engineered a game-changing platform, designed to help you tackle the toughest enterprise mobility challenges.

Creation of Verivo Akula.

What can Akula help you do?

You build the apps using development tools of your choice and Akula will tackle the enterprise complexities of deploying and connecting to back-end systems of these mobile apps. Read more »

With Akula's integrated enterprise-grade security features, your corporate data will remain safe – even when apps are being used offline or when an employee’s device is lost or stolen. Read more »

Akula's powerful capabilities will help you to manage, monitor and trouble shoot your enterprise mobile apps - quickly and easily. Read more »

What's your enterprise mobility problem?

Building transactional apps that operate offline? Securing apps and corporate data?
Controlling and managing apps once they're deployed? Executing in a multi-device, multi-operating system environment?

How does Akula work?

Curious about Akula's architecture? The platform consists of a Java-based server; idiomatic client software development kits; a server SDK and management application programming interfaces -- all of which gives you flexible options and powerful controls.

Check out the video and read how each of these components work.

What the media is saying about Akula?