The Story Behind Invesco Canada’s Mobile Strategy

Published on: February 4, 2013

Hari Pillai, manager, e-Development & Design

Our mobile initiative started with, like a combined approach actually. There was a lot of interest through our sales team that our advisors are getting more mobile savvy. And essentially, they wanted us to look into different mobile offerings that are in the market right now. And we also, at the same time, we were also doing a lot of research-within our team, within our e-services team, within our marketing team-we were doing a lot of research on what is out there, and what are the different mobile technologies. So it was like a combined effort, and our senior management was very supportive for us to explore this further.”

Bruce Borgundvaag, Assistant Vice President, Digital Strategy

So our mobility initiatives really enhanced our existing reputation as a technology leader. We were very pleased that we able to, in a relatively short time period, all told about six months from start to finish, launch a mobile app which is the first external-facing app for Invesco globally. So among our firm certainly we are leading in this area and we’ve been working very closely with other areas within Invesco-in the U.S., in Europe-to share what we’ve learned from this experience and help them in their initiatives. And several people have followed suit since with their own apps.

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