Verivo Takes Flight

Published on: January 9, 2012

Wondering about the origin of Verivo?

The name Verivo is a combination of two Latin words: veritas and volo. Veritas means truth and Volo means flight.

As a mobility company, Verivo or true flight is an apt name as it underscores our focus on empowering our customers and accelerating their business results.

The multifaceted Verivo logo, designed to depict a bird in flight, represents our corporate philosophy and global presence.

Like the bird, we are nimble and respond quickly to changing market and customer demands, worldwide. The customers are in control of their mobility — they build their own apps on our platform, without being tethered to our team.

Why the transition?

The decision to transform Pyxis Mobile to Verivo Software started several months ago, under the leadership of CEO Steven Levy. The strategy was to build on Pyxis Mobile’s success and start a new software company, with expanded business model, product line and management team.

And to appropriately reflect the company’s new focus and global initiatives, the team decided to launch the company as Verivo – the enterprise mobility company.

As for the logo, it’s definitely a topic of conversation. Some say it’s an eagle in flight. Others see acceleration.

What do you see?


Parna Sarkar-Basu is vice president of Marketing Communications for Verivo.

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  • Me says:

    Actually wouldn’t “veritas” and “volo” be “Verilo”?

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