Real-Time Mobile App Editing

Manage and Update Apps in Seconds

With the explosion of the enterprise mobility market, most companies initially focus on three main aspects regarding mobility initiatives: cost, time, and resources. While these are all important factors, many enterprises fail to consider a key component: app updates. In the ever-changing mobility marketplace, businesses must require an agile, flexible, accessible and cost-effective mobility platform through which mobile apps can be edited and updated – quickly and securely.

Only Verivo Software provides an enterprise mobility platform that empowers enterprises to centrally build, deploy, manage and update mobile apps simultaneously across multiple devices – rapidly and securely. From agile mobile app development and cross-platform deployment to real-time app editing and immediate updates across all devices – Verivo’s platform is the ideal solution. With Verivo’s platform, there’s no need for device-specific coding or resubmitting updated code to the app marketplace. Our our drag-and-drop integrated development environment (IDE), AppStudio, puts code-free architecture at your fingertips. Additionally, the new Browser Control feature provides even more flexibility. Now businesses can utilize their existing web developers to create fully-customized hybrid mobile apps with HTML5 components alongside native components for unprecedented flexibility and speed.

Need to change an app? Add new content? Roll out new data? Integrate HTML5 content? Great. With Verivo’s enterprise mobility software, you can make changes without headaches – no recoding, no code generation, no recompilation, no regression testing, and no resubmitting to app stores.*

Watch this video to see how easy it is to update mobile apps and integrate HTML5 content to apps using Verivo’s platform:

Click here for a demo of our platform.

*For substantial changes to graphics or functionality, resubmission to Apple’s App Store may be necessary to stay in compliance with developer guidelines.