Mobile App Monitoring and Reporting

Our robust mobile app monitoring, reporting and alerting capabilities empower you to actively manage the performance and security of your mobile apps from a central framework. With a collection of rich charts and graphs, you can view and interact with presentation-grade reports that provide detailed information on app usage, device types, usage statistics, response-time, performance trends  and more.

Alert-Driven Architecture

Verivo’s platform proactively monitors the servers, systems, and apps that make up your enterprise mobility infrastructure so you can easily detect and report impending problems before they impact your organization.

  • Reveal unusual system activity quickly and easily
  • Detect system warnings and identify outages
  • Evaluate performance issues
  • Analyze security infringements and failures
  • Determine the root cause of events, alerts and unusual situations 


Capture who is doing what from where using OverWatch. Our platform includes the powerful ability to track, sort and refine data by individuals, companies, carriers, device types, activities, and more. Tracking your apps helps you identify trends, popular features and potential issues so your business can make the necessary changes to increase mobile app adoption and achieve your mobility goals.

Using OverWatch charts and reports, Verivo’s customers can track:

  • Total users,Monitoring and Reporting
  • Most active users,
  • Top devices,
  • Top carriers,
  • Top operating systems,
  • Data usage



Take a tour of our platform to learn more about our platform’s monitoring and reporting capabilities.