451 Research Report – Akula 2.0: Delivers New Core Enterprise Features


Learn why Akula 2.0 is recognized by 451 Research as “a thoughtful infrastructural product vision that addresses many of the pain points enterprises will recognize as they try to bring greater scale in their mobile projects.” Download the 451 Research Report


New Aberdeen Report: Mastering the Enterprise Mobile Application Lifecycle


Although organizations are developing mobile apps to remain competitive and improve business processes, most are not fully prepared to function internally as mobile app production companies. This report analyzes the pressures this increasing demand and shortage of app development skills places on organizations, and identifies the essential steps required to master the art of Mobile Application Lifecycle Management (MALM). Download this report.

Verivo Software revamps strategy with open, extensible mobile app platform and new pricing model


Today’s app development and management requirements have far outgrown the scope of a mobile enterprise application platform. Coupled with the rise of standards-based technologies, such as HTML5, and the availability of rival app development models, such as mobile back-end as a service, enterprise app development has not only become faster, but also more approachable for developers. To learn more about how Verivo Akula covers the entire scope of app lifecycle management, download this report from 451 Research.

MEAP, MADP & MORE The New Rules of Enterprise Application Development


Enterprise mobility is a constantly evolving undertaking. As with any technology, just when you think it’s safe to use a term, the wording changes or a new device or solution comes out. This report examines the technology behind mobile application development for the enterprise and takes a look at the platform landscape.

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State of the Enterprise Tablet Market: The New Age of Mobile Computing

Mobile Enterprise Tablet Report

The enterprise is experiencing massive changes as the major technology trends of cloud computing and tablets are intersecting to upset the balance of legacy computing environments. Employees want to use tablets which run on operating systems that are familiar to them, avoiding a support nightmare for IT when transitioning to a new technology. Tablets provide streamlined computing experiences with instant-on access to corporate data and services that cannot easily be delivered by PCs and smartphones.

Download the report.

Enterprise Mobility Management 2012: the SoMoClo™ Edge, by Aberdeen Group


Download this white paper by Aberdeen Group to learn why companies must focus on enterprise mobility as a key IT strategy, and get practical tips on managing your mobile infrastructure for secure, compliant and optimized performance. Find out the key performance criteria to distinguish best-in-class companies. Discover how your company compares against the industry average across five key categories. Get specific recommendations on how to achieve Best-in-Class performance.

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Special Report: How to Deliver a Global, Cross-Platform Mobile Application


Building a complex mobile app? Read this special report to learn why you should consider a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) for mobile app development, seamless deployment across devices and secure connection with back end systems.

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The Complete Guide to MEAPs for Enterprise Architects


Enterprise mobility has moved beyond just building apps. Businesses need a complete mobile enterprise solution that is secure, integrates with with existing CRM, financial, accounting, reporting and procurement systems, and works for all devices. Read this report by Netcentric Strategies to learn how IT teams can use mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs) for more efficient app development and management tools to help them streamline and simplify deployment across a fragmented mobile environment.

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HTML5 vs Native Mobile App Development


Both HTML5 and native mobile app development offer pros and cons. Luckily, you no longer have to sacrifice by having to choose one method over the other. You can decide to go hybrid and blend native apps with web content. Read this report by VDC Research to learn how to implement each development strategy and to help you decide which option is best for your enterprise.

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