5 Things Your Mobile Architecture Must Address in 2014

Can your mobile infrastructure and app development strategy keep up with the constant pace of change and requirements for enterprise mobile apps?

This Webinar identifies the 5 critical capabilities that are required today to deliver secure, reliable and scalable mobile applications. During this content-packed 30 minute webinar, we’ll address the need for a modern, open mobile architecture that delivers the following critical capabilities:

  • Advanced Data Connectivity: Any on-premise, cloud or legacy back-end data system, whether it’s SAP, Siebel, Salesforce.com, SharePoint, a database or all of the above
  • Offline Access: Build enterprise mobile apps that operate the same, whether on- or off-line
  • Multi-Device/Multi-OS Accessibility: Deliver apps that work across all target devices while minimizing associated development costs
  • Enterprise Security: Leverage a common security infrastructure across all apps, therefore enforcing compliance to corporate and LOB-specific policies with minimal developer intervention
  • Open & Extensible Platform for Management & Control: Simplifying post-deployment complexities associated with managing and controlling multiple mobile enterprise apps


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