Akula 2.0 Simplifies the Development, Security and Governance of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Watch this webinar for an overview and eye-popping demonstration of Verivo’s new Akula 2.0 open, enterprise mobile application platform. If you are responsible for your organization’s mobile app architecture, development or day-to-day management, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss!

We demonstrate how easy it is to develop, secure, and manage rich apps and automate business processes (such as CRM) with existing systems and tools, all without a heavyweight MDM. Learn how to:

  • Break down the enterprise silos to benefit business managers, architects, developers, IT security and IT operations.
  • Leverage existing SOA infrastructure to bring the benefits of SOA to mobile app development.
  • Eliminate the risks associated with proprietary solutions.
  • Simplify the reuse of mobile services.


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