Analyst Shares New Enterprise Mobile App Strategies that Tackle What Lies Below the Surface

While the “above the water” demands of mobile app development and deployment have been the focus for some time — delivering apps quickly and creating a great user experience on multiple devices, multiple screen formats, with multiple orientations, the “under the surface” requirements are often the most challenging.
Watch this 45-minute webinar featuring guest speaker Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. who shares the most common mobility technology challenges he hears from enterprise IT executives and his recommended strategies for overcoming them.

  • Learn how to solve the key challenges of back-end data integration including ubiquitous data access, offline capabilities, and security
  • Discover why offline apps are important and what’s driving their need in the enterprise
  • Learn how to select a strategy and architecture that is both scalable and agile
  • See how the Akula open and extensible mobile application platform addresses each of these key challenges


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