Develop Bullet-Proof Enterprise Mobile Apps Faster

Enterprise mobility introduces significant security challenges for IT professionals. The complexities associated with securing mobile apps can make itmpossible for IT to meet the accelerating demand from Lines of Business for scalable, reliable and secure mobile apps. Inherent in the challenge is a long list of security requirements that can only be met in the design and coding of the mobile app itself and not bolted on after the fact.

This webinar takes a close look at why an enterprise mobile security strategy is like “swiss cheese” without a mobile application server at its core, practical steps you can take to ensure mobile app success and how to:

  • integrate an open mobile app server with existing IT infrastructure to mitigate app security risk and greatly reduce the cost of development
  • decide among the different tools and technologies that create a mobile security strategy
  • create a reusable security infrastructure and policies framework that work across all of your mobile apps and devices with a single point of control and management
  • speed time of delivery and support of secure apps for a fraction of the time and cost of alternative strategies.


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