Mobile App Platform RFP Guide

Mobile App RFP Guide

Verivo White Paper:

Is Your Mobile App Platform RFP Asking the Right Questions?

17 “Must Have” Questions For Your RFP

The mobility industry is changing rapidly, and it is often difficult to know what you need and what will save the most time and money in the long run. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) usually focus on business requirements and the end user experience, and have few questions that address security requirements, ability to make updates, or maintenance costs.

Having received and reviewed hundreds of RFPs for mobile app platforms, we have observed significant inconsistency and a tendency to ignore long-term considerations. Once the app is built, the expenses can mount.

Download the Enterprise Mobile App Platform RFP Guide for a list of over 17 critical questions that are often ignored but should be considered to make your RFP as robust as possible. The questions span 5 core mobile app platform capabilities including:

  • User Experience
  • Mobile App Governance
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Supporting Multiple Apps