Develop, secure and govern enterprise mobile apps.

Akula - Enterprise Mobile App Server

Verivo Akula is essential mobile infrastructure that extends your existing systems to mobile. Akula does for enterprise mobile apps what an app server does for web apps.

Give IT visibility and control over security and governance
Akula is a game-changing mobile app server. Based on a 15-year track record of enterprise mobility success, Akula is the only open mobile app server that enables your IT departments to secure, manage and control mobile services.

Free developers from writing security code
Separate front-end development from back-end development. Allow your development teams to focus on creating compelling user experiences using the front-end tools and frameworks of their choice.

Simplify the development of apps and let us build the hard stuff
Akula includes centrally-managed, reusable mobile services for authentication, authorization, working offline, data protection, data routing, app control, monitoring, logging…to name a few.
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Open and extensible platform insures there are are no limits
Akula is open and standards-based, so you can create new mobile services whenever you need them. Create reusable services that are specific to your business and know that all business units are in sync.
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Why Akula? It is All The Plumbing You Will Ever Need




Other tools cannot do what Akula can do:
  • MEAPs - inflexible, limited, and with a steep learning curve
  • Front-end development tools - no support for back-end development
  • MBaaS - inflexible, limited, and with few enterprise-grade features
  • MAM / MDM / EMM - point solutions that are onerous to enforce
Only Akula plugs into your existing security and authorization systems, gives you the mobile services you need, allows you to extend with re-usable business-specific services, and supports development teams in using the front-end tools of their choice.



Limited Solutions
Essential Infrastructure
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Akula Features

The open and extensible platform consists of a J2EE-compliant server, client SDKs, a server SDK, and a GUI management console.
  • Comprehensive Mobile Security - Akula leverages existing security infrastructure and policies to govern mobile devices.
  • Off-Line Support - Users can continue to work without connectivity; transactions are saved and synched.
  • Back-end Connectivity - Data is aggregated and synched in a mobile-friendly format.
  • Client Actions - IT monitors the state of apps centrally, and can push actions to devices on-demand.
Check out the mobile app server video and learn how each of these components work, or read the Introduction to Akula for more technical information. Ready to get started? Visit our DevCenter.

Develop - Secure - Govern

You build the apps using development tools of your choice and the Akula mobile app server will tackle the enterprise complexities of deploying and connecting to back-end systems of these mobile apps. Read more »

With Akula's integrated enterprise-grade security features, your corporate data will remain safe even when apps are being used offline or when an employee's device is lost or stolen. Read more »

The powerful capabilities of the Akula mobile app server will help you to manage, monitor and trouble shoot your enterprise mobile apps - quickly and easily. Read more »

What's your enterprise mobility challenge?

Building transactional apps that operate  offline? Securing apps and corporate data?
Controlling and managing apps once  they're deployed? Executing in a multi-device,  multi-operating system environment?