Agile Mobile App Development
Build more amazing apps - deploy faster than before

Use Any IDE

Akula’s enterprise mobile app server is compatible with any IDE, eliminating the need for developers to learn new, proprietary IDEs or hire specially trained developers. Instead, they’re free to focus on delivering incredible enterprise apps that transform businesses using the front-end tools of their choice.

Flexible SD Process

Robust Akula Client SDKs enable developers to forgo the heavy lifting associated with the “plumbing” of an app, such as building services for security, data connectivity, synchronization and policy compliance.

The Akula Client SDK interfaces simplify:

  • Authenticating users
  • Accessing data and services from the Akula server
  • Synchronizing changes made by the app offline
  • Use permissions
  • Enterprise-wide properties

Reuse Existing Services

Back-end services are moved to a centralized Akula server that IT can manage and control, freeing the development team from this heavy lifting. The centralized Akula server, for the first time, extends SOA to mobile devices.

Developers can configure the server and SDK to identify services each app will utilize, including Oracle databases, SAP, SharePoint and Salesforce, among others. These services can both access and update data in the back-end systems. The Akula mobile app server provides developers with out-of-the box connectors to plug-in to popular systems and a server SDK to create custom integrations.

Focus on User Experience

Deploying Akula’s mobile app server frees time and resources within the development team that would otherwise be spent writing code from scratch and learning proprietary IDEs and platforms, enabling enterprise developers to focus instead on delivering an optimal end-user experience. Now the promise of SOA reuse is delivered to mobile, all due to Akula’s extensible server.

Work Off-Line

The mobilized enterprise goes everywhere - often where there is limited connectivity. Gaps in cell coverage and limited WiFi can all wreck havoc for a distributed team unless their mobile app supports the ability to work off-line. Akula not only securely stores data on devices, but has sophistication synching to prevent your team from ever being sidelined.

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