Akula Jump Start Program
Get your enterprise mobile app up and running, and do it right the first time

Rapid Time to Value

The Akula Jump Start Program is designed to let you experience the value of Akula in the shortest time - and the lowest cost - possible. A Jump Start empowers your team to begin working with Akula without large upfront costs, and without having to hire an army of consultants. In one week we will prepare Akula for your enterprise, including

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Testing
  • Training

During the installation period, the Akula expert is available for mentoring. At the end of the week your team will be ready to build your mobile app.

Mobile Expertise

Verivo is the only enterprise mobile application development company with a 15-year track record building over 500 mobile apps, and building and releasing 2 commercial platforms for building mobile apps. No one is better qualified to help you get started than Verivo.

With the myriad of mobile technologies available in this fast-moving industry, mobile app development can be daunting. Take advantage of an experienced team, and let Verivo make sure you get off on the right foot.

Future-Proofed Apps

The Akula Jump Start does more than get one app up and running quickly. Verivo knows that apps need to be updated frequently, and that most enterprises need to deploy more than one app. We build mobile infrastructure with openness and reusability in mind.

Akula is open, extensible, and standards-based so apps built with Akula can easily be modified and augmented without being locked into the original development team. Akula hosts mobile services that can be consumed by multiple apps so much of the development work that goes into one app can be used for many more. Getting started with Akula ensures many years of successful apps.

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