Future-Proof Mobile Infrastructure
MEAPs Are Finished

Open Platform

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) served a purpose, but their time is over. Closed development platforms that don't integrate with enterprise systems or extend to allow for easy app customization are things of the past. Emerging in MEAPs' place is a game-changing open, standards-based mobile app server specifically designed for enterprise architectures – Verivo Akula.

Unlike closed systems that limit development options, Akula's open platform enables easy integration with enterprise solutions, as well as extensibility with custom or proprietary services. This unique approach allows IT departments to more easily develop, secure and govern multiple enterprise mobile apps while enabling developers to create a more compelling user experience.

Leverage Existing SOA

Until Akula, mobile apps left the benefits of SOA behind in the enterprise. Akula's unique approach hosts enterprise services on a central server, extending the full power of SOA to mobile devices and eliminating the need for architects to replicate mobile services over and over again. This in turn extends security, control, management and visibility across all enterprise mobile apps and enables updates to be put in to production more quickly with less downtime.

Extend with Custom Mobile Services

Traditional MEAPs limit developers to preconfigured capabilities. With the Akula mobile app server, enterprise app developers and IT teams aren't boxed in. Instead, Akula's unique open infrastructure enables developers to extend applications with any service, custom advanced integration or application logic.

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