Mobile App Management & Control
Finally, a Mobile App Server IT Operations Can Love

IT Controls Mobile Apps and Services

As enterprises grow, the number of mobile apps they develop also increases, leading to unmanageable apps that are difficult to secure and govern. By bringing all of the mobile services into a single, open, extensive mobile app server, Akula provides the IT department with improved control over authentication, data access and data synchronization. This technology shift in app development also improves visibility and better leverages existing SOA assets.

Use Existing Security Infrastructure

Protecting your data end to end is critical to your success. IT departments spend a great deal of time on security architectures, which often cannot be extended to mobile apps. But Akula's strategic approach to building apps enables IT to fully integrate mobile apps with existing enterprise security authentication/authorization services to mitigate risk of a data breach. With the centralized view of app development, IT has full visibility and control over enterprise security policies, ensuring that updates are universally applied across all mobile apps.

The Akula mobile app server also helps companies satisfy security requirements by embedding security features directly in the app. With an open and extensible platform, you can leverage the packaged security framework included in the platform, as well as extend the platform using off-the-shelf security packages or custom components to meet enterprise security requirements.

Management Console

Akula now features a web-based management console that replicates all the functions of the Akula management REST APIs and allows full management of Akula apps at runtime, including:

  • Role-based authorizations
  • Dynamic app properties
  • Push notifications
  • Client Actions
  • Server-side stored credentials
  • Client login and sync rules

Built-in Security, Control, and Governance

The Akula mobile app server helps ensure that users only have access to the apps they need. Akula integrates with corporate directories or other identity providers to ensure that user profiles and organizational roles are sourced directly from the system of record. This means that companies can maintain user access and permissions settings centrally, with no duplication of user data.

Akula also enables IT Operations to easily change the permissions associated with any user, group, or all users. Management APIs provide easy management of user entitlements.

Flexible Deployment

Moving an app from production to go-live can be a make or break moment for a new app in your enterprise. Akula helps ease the process by separating the app services code from the settings, allowing apps to move smoothly from development to QA to production in a fully scripted and tested manner.

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