Field Service Apps: Put More in Their Pocket

Published on: March 25, 2015

Is your field organization fully mobilized?

Gone are the days where it is sufficient to have your mobile workers taking notes during the day, then synching with systems that evening – or even days later. Field reps, customers, and business operations have all come to expect immediate access to information. The expectation today is that field organizations be fully mobilized.

With most enterprise packaged applications offering some access from a mobile phone, why build on app? As my brother-in-law one said,”I can access our CRM system from my phone, what more could I want?”

Therein lies the question. What else can you have? A lot, as it turns out. If you are relying on a vendor of an enterprise system to provide you with mobile capabilities, you are going to be limited to access to that one system, and – do to security concerns – probably also to just a subset of the system’s functionality at that. Why should you want more, and how high should the bar be for enterprise mobility?

Register for our webinar series to hear why. Verivo has partners with Exadel to Deliver a 3-part series, Mobile Field Service Apps: CRM, Workflow, Coverage Policies, and More in Your Pocket:

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