So You are Using PhoneGap…What About Off-line?

Published on: January 27, 2015

PhoneGap (or Codova) is an easy choice for many development teams – it is a great tool for cross-platform development. But, as you have probably already discovered, it does not cover everything you need. How will you support working off-line? Authentication? Data transformations? Back-end connectivity? Yes, all the “plumbing” that is so much fun to develop and test.

Come to our webinar and learn how to architect the back-end of your PhoneGap apps. This 30-minute webinar with live Q&A will cover:

  • How to build a re-usable enterprise mobile infrastructure that scales across native, hybrid, and HTML5 apps
  • How to simplify the process of mobilizing and securing enterprise infrastructure for PhoneGap apps
  • Why large enterprises are decoupling front-end mobile app development from mobile infrastructure

Register and learn how the proper infrastructure can simplify the process of developing, securing, and governing PhoneGap mobile apps.


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