Clean Client Actions Key To Mobile App Management

by Adrian Bridgwater, Dr. Dobb’s

Verivo Software has launched its Akula 2.0 mobile application server product. The technology is an open platform designed to secure and govern mobile services and applications while allowing development teams to access and reuse these services using the front-end tools of their choice.

“As enterprises develop multiple complex apps, IT oversight and governance become more difficult to enforce, thus compromising security, control, management, and visibility,” said Chris Marsh, principal analyst, enterprise mobility at Yankee Group. “Enterprises need an open and extensible platform that, rather than just sitting as another silo, can work with existing IT infrastructure and scale policy, security, and compliance across mobile assets.”

Akula 2.0 claims to be able to “fill the gap between SOA and the needs of mobile devices” by providing services for security, data access, data sync, monitoring, and management.

New features include a capability that provides a number of built-in client actions to any app automatically including force logout, data wipe, and refresh app permissions, all of which can be generated from within the Akula management console.

A push notifications feature enables mobile app developers to add push notifications, such as alerts, badges, and sounds across all of their iOS and Android devices.

The Akula server management console has been expanded to replicate all of the functions of the Akula management REST APIs and allows full management of Akula mobile apps at runtime. Developers can now create a new Akula app project in a single step with the Verivo-hosted public Maven repository.

The Akula client SDK is now certified for Android 4.4 (KitKat).