Mobile Development Product Watch 5/20/2014: Cross-Platform Is King

by David Ramel, Application Development Trends

The continuing craze of cross-platform and cloud-based mobile development tools is evident in the latest batch of product releases.

Verivo Software Inc. announced the launch of Akula 2.0, an updated open mobile application server that’s designed to help organizations secure and manage mobile services and apps while letting developers access and reuse these services with their choice of front-end tools. The Akula platform comprises a Java-based server, client SDKs, a server SDK and management REST APIs.

The release includes client action capabilities such as forcing logouts, wiping data and refreshing app permissions; push notifications for iOS and Android devices, providing messages such as alerts, badges and sounds; and a management console that replicates all Akula management PIs and facilitates management of Akula apps at runtime.

“Akula 2.0 fills the gap between [service-oriented architecture] SOA and the needs of mobile devices by providing services for security, data access, data sync, monitoring, management and much more — plus the option to add custom services as needed,” the company said.