Verivo Announces Innovative New Enterprise Mobile App Platform


by Dennis Keohane

How does a company that has been building mobile apps since the days of the Palm Pilot maintain its edge in the ever-expanding mobile marketplace?

By observing and tracking the current state of mobile and adding something of value that doesn’t already exist, of course.

Verivo Software, which developed apps for Palm’s early mobile devices as well as BlackBerry’s mobile line, just launched a new platform that aims to help companies build the reliable, trustworthy apps they need to make their businesses thrive.

The product unveiled last week is Verivo Akula, which is named after either the Russian word for “shark” or a class of submarine. It is, in the words of Verivo CEO Steve Levy, “The only enterprise grade product that is based on an open approach towards partnering with other frontend tools, backend systems, and identity management systems.”

Verivo has created a platform that it believes will become a vital tool as the mobile enterprise space continues to grow. It allows its customers to build and monitor business apps even when the user is out of coverage range. Akula also makes it possible for a company’s help desk to control and manage their apps, all the while prioritizing security.

Verivo Software’s experience as a mobile innovator informs much of the foundation of Akula.

“We’ve been in the mobile app business for a long time,” said Levy. “We have experience knowing what problems businesses have when they try building these mobile apps,” he added, “and we’re leveraging that experience…to create the platform that we have today.”

With the feedback it has received from its clients, Verivo’s Akula seems primed to disrupt enterprise mobile.

As Verivo’s CEO Levy explained, “It’s one thing to build a product that you think is going to hit the market successfully.” He continued, “It’s [something else] when your customers are all fairly representative of the market, and they say ‘thank you, this exactly what we wanted’.”

Verivo Akula, not only simplifies the problematic issues of building, securing, and controlling mobile apps, but also features an appealing pricing model.

With such great benefits for businesses and its simple, incremental pricing, Levy said that its customers have described the new product as “perfect.”

Currently, you can pre-register for a 30-day trial of Verivo Akula. The mobile app platform will be generally available beginning on June 28.

Dennis Keohane is a staff writer for VentureFizz.  You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.

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