Major Insurance Group uses PhoneGap and Akula for Flexibility in Mobile Apps


PhoneGap is a great tool for building cross-platform mobile apps, but when you are building enterprise apps you need more.  Download this white paper and read how a major insurance company built a game-changing app for their distributed team of reps with PhoneGap and Akula.

Develop HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Apps with Verivo Akula

Develop HIPAA Whitepaper Cover

The key to maintaining HIPAA compliance while introducing mobile apps into your portfolio is to make as few changes and additions to your existing safeguards as possible. Download this whitepaper to learn how to simplify the building and operation of HIPAA-compliant custom mobile apps by leveraging your existing HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.

Building Mobile Apps, Is Your SOA Enough?


If you plan on building mobile apps, you probably want a pluggable framework that allows you to easily use and reuse mobile services. You can then effortlessly access back-end systems, rapidly assemble new apps, and easily update individual services.  A SOA gives you much – but not all – of what you need and understanding the line of demarcation can prevent you from making expensive mistakes. Download this whitepaper to learn how your SOA gives you most of what you need and how a mobile app server delivers the rest.

Mobile Apps: Moving Beyond 1.0


The mobility industry is changing rapidly, and it requires foresight to envision and balance what you need initially vs. what you will need in the long run. A minimal amount of effort early in the development lifecycle can make the difference between an app’s 1.0 being the beginning of great things or the end of the line as natural evolution calls for tweaks and changes. Download this guide to learn the reasons why mobile apps often never reach 2.0 and how to avoid creating dead ends in your enterprise mobile strategy. Click here to download

Is Your Mobile App Platform RFP Asking the Right Questions?


Mobile App Platform Requests for Proposals (RFPs) usually focus on short term business requirements and end user experience, but have few questions that address security requirements, ability to make updates, or maintenance costs. Once the app is built, the expenses often mount.  Download this guide “Is Your Mobile App Platform RFP Asking the Right Questions?” for the 17 “must have” questions creators of Mobile App Platform RFPs should consider to ensure long term success. Click here to download.

Survey Report: Enterprise Architects Reveal Enterprise Mobility Plans


In Q1 2014, the research team at Verivo contacted enterprise architects at Global 2000 companies to better understand their plans for enterprise-grade mobile app development in 2014, the challenges they are facing, and the solutions that they perceive will bring the most value. Download the report to learn more about what IT leaders are adding to their enterprise mobility toolkits in the year ahead, ensuring that apps are reliable, robust, secure, and scalable.  Click here to download.

Making Sense of mBaaS, MEAP, MADP and Mobile App Servers

Whitepaper Enterprise Tech Options

This white paper examines the enterprise mobility landscape and the different approaches and options available to the enterprise that needs to develop, deploy and manage multiple mobile applications across various lines of businesses. Also included in the paper are definitions of these approaches and the corresponding challenges and benefits associated with each approach. Click here to download.

White Paper: The 3 Essential Steps to Securing Enterprise Mobile Apps


Download this white paper to understand the security risks and challenges associated with BYOD and why they can’t be ignored as well as the key security challenges facing enterprise mobile app development and how to solve them. Click here to download

HTML5 Enterprise Mobility: Strategy, Challenges and Solutions


This new white paper by VDC Research investigates the benefits and challenges of using HTML5 apps in enterprise mobility and where HTML5/hybrid versus native apps fit best in an enterprise mobility strategy. Click here to download

The Enterprise Mobile Ecosystem: Protecting Your Investments When Developing Mobile Apps


Providing ROI for mobile apps can be a difficult and lengthy process. For example, when it comes to mobilizing legacy systems, CIOs often wonder if they will be able to leverage existing systems or start over. This white paper examines ways organizations can show value for their mobile app strategy as well as options for mobilizing legacy systems, building your mobile app’s interface, and more. Click here to download

Mobilizing the Enterprise: A Better Way


Mobilizing the workforce brings with it a number of challenges that include offline access to data, security and multi-device support. In addition, organizations are finding themselves overwhelmed and unprepared to build enterprise mobile apps because of the lack of centralized management control.

This white paper not only examines the challenges around building enterprise mobile apps, but it also presents a comprehensive strategy for mobilizing the enterprise. Click here to download