Survey Findings: Enterprise Architects Detail the Right Approach for Enterprise Mobility in 2014

In February, the research team at Verivo reached out to enterprise architects at Global 2000 companies to better understand their plans for app development in 2014, the challenges they are facing, and the solutions that they perceive will bring them the most value. The survey asked architects to weigh in on their 2014 strategy including their plans (or lack thereof) to build:

  • Rich composite apps leveraging data from across the enterprise
  • Transactional apps with a firm requirement for offline data management
  • diverse mobile infrastructure leveraging the companies’ existing IT infrastructure
  • Apps that run across a wide range of employee-owned devices and operating systems

Responses to these topics, as well as to several targeted questions regarding the architects’ appetite for MEAPs/MADPs and Mobile App Servers in 2014, as well as desired pricing models were discussed.


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